The International Symposium on Complex Systems Biology brings together scientists working in the field of biological physics, systems and quantitative biology and other related disciplines in biological science to promote understanding of living systems from both the theoretical and experimental approaches. Particular emphases are placed on 1) synthetic cells and constructive biology, 2) stochasticity and adaptation in cell signaling, 3) cell differentiation and multicullular development and 4) plasticity and robustness in evolution.


The concept behind ``Complex Systems Biology'' is to integrate the so-called constructive approach to biology with theoretical approaches of complex systems. Our short history of the program began in 1993 at the Oji International Conference ``Constructive Complexity and Artificial Reality'' where such approach was first discussed. It was then as it is now a search for an universal logic of living systems that embraces the unique dynamics and consistency between biological hierarchies from molecules, cells to ecology. From 1999 to 2005, the University of Tokyo was selected by the Ministry of Science and Education as a Center-of-Excellence for `Search for the Logic of Life as a Complex System'. There have been two international conferences in the past (the year 2001 and 2005). Since 2005, Japan Science and Technology Agency has sponsored the ERATO project ``Complex Systems Biology'' (director Kunihiko Kaneko). Our research initiative at the University of Tokyo continues at the Research Center for Complex Systems Biology

Additional Information

Right after the preset symposium, local meeting of 'Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research' will be held at the same venue ( Oct 1-3, in Japanese).