DEC.: Dr. Kurikawa was awarded Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists, for outstanding PhD Thesis

NOV.: Kaneko gave invited talks at Symposium on Complex Biodynamics and Networks (Tsuruoka) and 3rd International Symposium on Innovative Mathematical Modelling (Tokyo)

OCT.: Aoki-Kaneko’s paper was published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

JUL.: Kaneko gave invited lectures at Quantitative Law of Evolution (Como, Italy)

JUN.: Kaneko gave invited talks at Systems Biology of Stem Cells (Univ California Irvine) and Emergence in Chemical Systems (Univ Alaska Anchorage)

MAY: Furusawa-Kaneko’s paper was published in PLoS One.

APR.: Inoue-Kaneko’s paper was published in PLoS Comp. Biol.

MAR.: Taniguchi, Ishihara et al’s paper was published in Proc Nat. Acad. Sci. Usa. (featured in Todai Research)

MAR.: Kurikawa-Kaneko’s paper was published in PLoS Comp. Biol.

JAN: Research & Education Platform for Dynamic Living States was launched. (5 year project, at Komaba Campus)


OCT.: Furusawa - Kaneko's Perspective paper "A Dynamical-Systems View of Stem Cell Biology" was published in Science

AUG.: Furusawa et.al.'s paper "Ubiquity of log-normal distributions in intra-cellular reaction dynamics" was awarded the 1st Award for outstanding BIOPHYSICS paper

AUG.: Kaneko gave an invited lecture at summer school(DNA dynamics and Life Strategies) at Denmark

AUG.: Kaneko gave a key-note speech at DDAP7 at Taipei

JUL.: Kaneko gave an invited talk at EuroEvoDevoconference at Lisbon

MAY: Furusawa - Kaneko's paper "Adaptation to optimal cell growth through self-organized criticality" has been published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

MAY.: Hatakeyama - Kaneko's paper "Generic temperature compensation of biological clocks by autonomous regulation of catalyst concentration" has been published in PNAS (featured in Todai Research)

MAY.: Kurikawa - Kaneko's paper "Associative Memory Model with the Spontaneous neural Activity" has been published in EuroPhys.Lett.

FEB: Kaneko gave an invited talk at a conference on Robustness at Ohio


OCT.: Dr. Chikara Furusawa at Osaka University was awarded Nishinomiya-Yukawa Prize, based on his thesis study in our group.

OCT.: The paper "Oscillatory Protein Expression Dynamics Endows Stem Cells with Robust Differentiation Potentia" by Suzuki et al was accepted for publication in PLoS One

SEP.: Kaneko gave an invited talk at Workshop on Systems Biology at Luebeck and gave a plenary talk at Dynamics Days Europe 2011 at OPldenburg

AUG.: David Colliaux joined as a JSPS postdoc fellow

AUG.: Shuji Ishihara and Yohei Kondo gave presentations at ICSB at Heidelberg

JUL.13: The paper "Growth states of catalytic reaction networks exhibiting energy metabolism" by Kondo et al was accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. E

JUL.: Kaneko gave an invited talk "From catalytic reaction networks to protocells" at the conference "Engineering of Chemical Complexity" in Berlin

JUN.: Kaneko gave a plenary talk at ICCS 2011, Boston

JUN.: Kaneko's paper "Characterization of stem cells and cancer cells on the basis of gene expression profile stability, plasticity and robustness" was selected as a highlighted article in Bioessays

JUN.: W.Li and Kaneko's paper "Long-range correlation and partial 1/fα spectrum in a noncoding DNA sequence" (Europhys Lett. 1992) was selected in Most Cited papers 1986-2011 in europhysics Letters (among 40 papers).

APR.: Tomoki Kurikawa and Diasuke Shimaoka have been selected as JSPS fellows

JAN.: The paper by Kamimura and Kaneko "Reproduction of a Protocell by Replication of Minority Molecule in Catalytic Reaction Network" (Phys. Rev. Lett.. 2010) was featured by Science and New Scientist


DEC.: Organized a Cellular Biophysics meeting as a collaboration between Niels Bohr Institute and Research Center for Complex Systems Biology.

DEC.: Tomoki Kurikawa's paper "Learning Shapes Bifurcations of Neural Dynamics upon External Stimuli" was awarded the best student paper at the conference "17th International Conference on Neural Information Processing"

NOV.: Kaneko was awarded Nishina memorial Prize for the study of High-dimensional Chaos.

SEP.: Kaneko gave an invited talk at the conference "Emergence and Design of Robustness" at Mallorca.

JUL.: Kaneko gave invited talks at the conference Euro-evo-devo conferece (Paris), Statistical Physics in HongKong, and Biological networks - Principles and Dynamics at Beijing.

March: Narito Suzuki's diploma study was awarded ICHIKO Prize (distinguished undergraduate study).

MAR.: Takeshi Sugawara received PhD for "Chemophoresis in a Cell",
Akihiko Nakajima received PhD for "Theoretical study of developmental robustness:From gene network to cell community",
Masayo Inoue received PhD for "Dynamics of Adaptive Response in Biological Systems"