International Symposium on COMPLEX SYSTEM BIOLOGY September 29 - October 1,2009 Tetsumon Memorial Hall, The University of Tokyo

There has been some changes in the program and the list of speakers.

The International Symposium on Complex Systems Biology brings together scientists working in the field of biological physics, systems and quantitative biology and other related disciplines in biological science to promote understanding of living systems from both the theoretical and experimental approaches. Particular emphases are placed on 1) synthetic cells and constructive biology, 2) stochasticity and adaptation in cell signaling, 3) cell differentiation and multicullular development and 4) plasticity and robustness in evolution.

Key dates

July 9th
Online registration opens.
August 15th
Deadline for poster registration
August 31st
Deadline for banquet registration

We will close the poster and the banquet registration after reaching the fixed number.

Invited Speakers

Host Institutions

Organized by: ERATO Complex Systems Biology Project, JST / Center for Complex Systems Biology, Komaba, The University of Tokyo
Organizing Committee: Kunihiko Kaneko, Tetsuya Yomo, Chikara Furusawa, Satoshi Sawai, Koichi Fujimoto, Masashi Tachikawa, Tadashi Sugawara, Yuichi Wakamoto