The University of Tokyo, KOMABA
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Basic Science

Komaba 3-8-1, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo 153-8902, Japan.


+81-3-5454-6746 (Dr. Kaneko)
+81-3-5454-6731 (Dr. Ishihara)


room 807, 808A, 808B  in building 16

The Place of Kaneko Lab.

  1. Please go to Shibuya,  first.

    You can get to Shibya either by JR Yamanote line or Eidan Ginza-line (If you can use Eidan Marunouchi-line, please change to Ginza-line at Akasaka-Mitsuke to the direction to Shibuya).

  2. Then please switch to Keio-Inokashira-line at Shibuya (The 2nd stop from Shibuya is Komaba-Todai-Mae --- our campus). The express does NOT stop.